Sawtooth Physical Therapy Staff and Facility Update

December 5, 2016   I am very happy to give you an update on Sawtooth PT, staff and facilities. Our practice has grown steadily since it’s inception over 5 years ago. We have placed a premium on therapist directed care. We don’t employ technicians or even physical therapy assistants delivering care. We have made a huge effort to hire for and develop skills across the spectrum of therapy. Our specialties now include: sports, orthopedics, pelvic floor, vestibular and geriatrics. This year the facilities at Sawtooth PT have also grown considerably and not just the buildings. We now have a Biodex isokinetic testing and exercise device, one of only two in the valley. We also utilize video analysis of body mechanics for use with runners, golfers and other sports or activities. But our real asset is our staff. Each one has developed a specific skill set in addition to orthopedics. See below:   Nampa Phil Kreissler DPT  – Phil develops incredible rapport with the people he treats and people have loyally sought him out for care for years. While Phil is an exceptional orthopedic therapist, he has a passion for archery and hunting. He is exceptionally good at addressing physical issues related to archery. Linda Hammon PT – Linda joined our practice this year after an incredible career. A career that included advanced sports medicine practice as the director of Idaho Sports Medicine Institute and work with the US figure skating team. She has a fantastic amount of knowledge and her sports pursuits have ranged from white water kayaking to equestrian.   Meridian Chris Seagrave PT ATC SCS CSCS – Chris has accumulated a stunning amount of knowledge in his career. He works directly with the US national ski team, has been an NHL athletic trainer and was director of a 27 site private practice in Seattle. We were very fortunate to bring Chris on board with the opening of the Meridian office. He is an expert with the Biodex system, does custom orthotics and cycling bike fits. Chris Olshafsky DPT – Chris recently joined our practice after spending the early part of his career in Wenatchee, Wa. Chris was a college baseball player and deeply understands the demands of sport in general. He is TPI (Titlest Performance Institute) certified and plans to develop our sports medicine program to it’s highest level. With Chris as part of our staff we will install a sport net and basketball hoop in Meridian. With these pieces of equipment plus video analysis and Biodex analysis we will be able to test and observe movements and function in all athletes. Chelsea Beyers DPT OCS – While a therapist of choice for many orthopedic surgeons, Chelsea’s skill in physical therapy goes well beyond orthopedics. Our pelvic floor program was started by Chelsea, where she uses a combination of manual treatments and biofeedback. She has seen stunning growth and success with this program. Tammy Seagrave PT – Tammy is never one to brag, but she has incredible knowledge in a large number of areas. In her athletic career, she was a top-notch triathlete. Training for sport gave her a foundation in nutrition for which she then pursued advanced academic learning. She serves as an advisor to anyone being treated in our practice who needs nutritional information. Tammy is also one of two therapists in our practice that casts for orthotics.   Boise Jenna Calhoun DPT – Jenna is a native of Boise where she excelled in dance. She has combined her dance background with yoga, Pilates and physical therapy. She has a deep understanding of body mechanics and fits our philosophy perfectly. She is developing a Pilates based treatment program utilizing both the Reformer and mat based exercises. She also connects incredibly well with our geriatric population and is able to see this group achieve incredible functional gains. Sarah Martin DPT – Our Boise office is fortunate to have Sarah. She is a steady person who places her patient’s needs above all else. She develops incredible relationships with the people she treats. She spends her down time staying up to date on latest information and science. Her current goal is to sit for and pass the OCS (Orthopaedic Clinical Specialist) exam. Krystal Reyes DPT – Krystal is a fantastic orthopedic PT. She combines this skill with two other areas of professional pursuit, vestibular dysfunction and pediatrics. She enjoys seeing a wide range of cases every day. She was a high-level gymnast and is currently a gymnastic coach. Ron Miller PT MS OCS – Ron enjoys the mechanics of everyday movements and sports. His passion is doing things in a step wise fashion to achieve a goal. His patients appreciate the in-depth education he provides about their condition and treatment plan. His case load consists of special requests and longtime patients. He is the head of the Sawtooth PT Running Lab and has extensive experience with cycling and kayaking.

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