Lift with your legs!

  “Lift with your legs”.  It’s a phrase we’ve all heard, but not something we all take to heart, or even fully understand. Did you know that lifting objects with poor mechanics can contribute to minor degenerative changes in our…

What brand of shoes are the best?

What brand of shoes are the best? The brand of shoe isn’t actually the most important factor when considering shoes. It’s whether the shoe style compliments your foot type. For example, if you have a flexible foot and a lower…

Flipping Knee Pain

Knee pain is a common complaint in high level gymnastics. This sport demands high intensity with both training and competition. Most athletes cannot make it through a full career without any issues.  Fortunately, the science and knowledge regarding these injuries…

Do I Have Medical Treatments and Cures That Will Accelerate Healing

Do we have medical treatments and cures that will accelerate your body’s ability to heal faster than scientifically possible? We regularly get questions about certain new and novel treatments that are supposed to “have me back running in half the…

Total Knee Replacement

I frequently analyze and consider the structure and activity of my treatments. The first analysis that I make is “am I doing the right thing at the right time?” Total knee replacement is one condition that makes this question vital and…

Your Physical Therapist

At Sawtooth Physical Therapy we have many repeat customers. We frequently see people that have not needed treatment for years, though they know that they can still come back. They return because of familiarity and the knowledge that the level…

Iliotibial Band Mechanics

Type in “iliotibial band” or “IT band” on Google. No, seriously, go ahead and Google it. What did you find? I can tell you. The vast majority of websites state that treatment for IT band issues is stretching. Why is…

A Good Physical Therapist Starts with a Solid Foundation in Science

I drove by Home Depot the other day and wondered what it would be like to own all the tools in the store. A thought then hit me:  If I owned every tool in the store I still wouldn’t be…


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